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Just like airlines and flights are processed through an Air Traffic Control Center; our goal is to deliver a Truck Traffic Control Center for motor carriers and freight.

The Problem

Finding qualified trucking companies with available equipment and drivers at any time to haul freight can be a chronic problem. Face it - trucks move around. Every day is a different ball game.

There is simply no useable directory of for-hire trucking companies available. The information that is available is incomplete and inadequate. Trucking companies need to be located based not only on location, but also on their fleet composition, their authorities and permits, and other services they offer (such as drop trailers, expedite services, or cross-docking facilities).

The Solution

We provide a three-tier service - each providing benefits beyond compare. And each one is supported by a dedicated central Carrier Support Team providing the back-end support that every shipper needs. Why should 1,000 shippers each chase down a carrier's insurance certificate - when we can do it one-time in one-place for thousands of shippers? It's a simple statement - but with profound impact.

Our three-tier service:

1. The only useable directory of for-hire trucking companies available.

We provide a directory solely dedicated on providing accurate and complete information on every trucking company. And we make sure it stays that way. How? We call every carrier - using a phone - every 12-months or less to make sure their information remains up-to- date.

2. The tools to connect with those trucking companies you select.

You establish your own connections. Remove and add carriers at will. Use your list to communicate with them or to find the right one when you need it. With our Carrier Support Team working for you, this becomes a valuable resource that is there when you need it.

3. The tools to transact business with your chosen carriers.

This is no load board. You can define your freight needs, release them to your selected carriers, get quotes, communicate with them instantly, track their progress, and create all your paperwork. And there is a lot more.

And all our services are simple to deploy, simple to train, and simple to use. The DOT is completely 100% cloud-based.

The business think-tank Forrester Research made a simple but impactful statement: "Up to 90% of the costs of transactions between businesses can be saved by moving them online."

Simple statement; and that is what The DOT has done.

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