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The DOT Directory

Our Vision

We provide complete cloud-based access to the trucking industry across North America.

The DOT Directory - Basic Subscription Ranging from effective subscription plans to stand-alone end-to-end customized cloud solutions, we can support you and your business in leveraging the technology of the cloud to realize savings and improved interactions with the trucking community.

Our vision and market focus is outlined in this assessment of the trucking industry The DOT Solution.

Regardless of your trucking service needs, all our service plans are designed to provide the shipper with high-impact value right out of the gate.

  • Transparency to the for-hire trucking community;
  • Significant savings on direct freight costs;
  • Up to 90% savings* in the costs of transacting business with trucking companies; and
  • Efficiency gains throughout the trucking cycle (covering the full gambit from getting loads covered and in-transit through to their delivery and invoicing).

Our solutions are very affordable and flexible with benefits that are significant and immediate.

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* Forrester Research (May 2015): “Up to 90% of the costs of transactions between business can be saved by moving them online.” When it comes to trucking transactions - that is what we do!

Complete... Accurate... Accessible... Always.