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The DOT Directory

Service Plans

Cloud-Based Trucking Management Solutions

Our service plans are designed to provide rapid Return on Investment for any company using trucking services in their operation. Operating 100% in the cloud, DOT Data Systems can meet diverse needs from effective low-cost subscription plans to completely independent and customized end-to-end solution packages

Value-added services such as system integrations, customized work and specific service requirements are available directly or through re-seller partners and can be quoted and scheduled on request.

The DOT Directory™ (SaaS)

Our subscription model is offered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) to bonafide shippers and carriers.

If you move truckloads of product at any volume, The DOT Directory™ has you covered.

Focusing on Truckload (TL) services, The DOT Directory™ provides a unique and effective approach to access trucks as needed. For shippers that regularly require truckload services with irregular traffic lanes, The DOT Directory™ delivers.

Face it – trucks move around; making every day a unique challenge. In an industry where driver shortages are chronic and demand outstrips supply, access to trucks is paramount to success.

The DOT Directory™ takes a two-pronged approach to providing the transparency and access to the trucking industry you need:

  1. Centralized Carrier Management

    Human-based support that tracks trucking company profiles ensuring carriers are prepared and able to provide trucking services as needed.

    There is simply no other way to approach the trucking industry to achieve the access to the spot-market for trucking services you need. We firmly believe that human-based support, administration and management cannot be replaced with any technology.

  2. Delivery Through Our State-of-the-Art Access Portal

    Our 100% cloud-based portal delivers access to the vetted trucking services you need.

    What does “100% cloud-based” mean? It means immediate delivery, no system implementation costs, access from any device that can access the Internet and immediate results.

The features are extensive; but they focus on providing you with access to the trucks in a spot-market industry where the supply of trucking services moves around daily.

The cost is low, the payback is immediate and the risk is minimal. Offered through a monthly subscription; you are free to cancel at any time, and you incur no setup costs.

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The DOT TTPS™ (Truck Transaction Processing System)

Our turn-key solution puts you in front of the trucking industry with a complete customized solution administered and controlled by your own Team. The DOT TTPS™ (Truck Transportation Processing System) gives you the power and control over your unique circumstances.

If you move 50 truckload shipments a month, your 3-year return on investment (ROI) will reach 650% or more. Move more than 50 shipments a month? Call us ... the returns are astounding!

Some of the features at your fingertips:

  1. End-to-end management of all your shipments in one dashboard
  2. Access to as many trucking companies as you need or desire
  3. Transportation document creation and management
  4. Real-time tracking
  5. Instant messaging
  6. Freight bill auditing and control
  7. Open access that you control to all parties (trucking companies, internal users, customers, vendors)
  8. Intuitive, flexible and effective operational and management reporting
  9. Easy integration and customization capabilities
  10. Complete control of all users
  11. Driven by your own website with hosted options available
  12. Customizable and easy to integrate to your unique needs
  13. Being 100% cloud-based, it is easy to install, implement, train and administer

The DOT Opti-Deliver™

The DOT Opti-Deliver™ is our specific targeted application to organize delivery route shipments. Offered as a turn-key product, it delivers a 100% cloud-based solution for delivery route planning and optimization whether through your own truck fleet or third-party truck fleets.

Typically quick to deploy with minimum integration requirements, The DOT Opti-Deliver™ will organize delivery (or pick-up) shipments in the most effective and optimal routes available. Each delivery is organized, scheduled, tracked and comes complete with its own set of shipment documents and freight costing and management tools.

With a low cost-acquisition price tag on each option, you will be adding to your bottom line within days of deployment

Complete... Accurate... Accessible... Always.