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Subscription Plans

Choose between three affordable subscription plans.

Our service plans provide immediate value. Choose between three plans that give you access to the for-hire trucking community. Each one is just the start of an awesome resource that anyone using trucking services in their daily operation needs. It is all about access to truck capacity at the right place.

Access is available only to bona fide trucking industry professionals. Because of this, every new subscription is processed by a human being before being issued. Please be patient if it takes a short while for us to get back to you.

Additional services such as system integrations, customized work and specific service requirements are available and can be quoted and scheduled on request.


  • Provision of access to our "ship-by-truck" directory.
  • The only directory of the trucking industry available.
  • Defined by trailer types and services offered.
  • Search by equipment and locations.
  • Easy look-ups for specific trucking companies.
  • Includes branch offices and terminals.

Pricing: FREE
Deployment, Set-Up, Training: Immediate at no charge
Cancellation: Anytime. Just let us know.



  • Includes all of the BASIC services.
  • Access to all of The DOT features and services.
  • Carrier Operations Team support to streamline your trucking vendor connections.
  • On-going carrier vetting for insurance, certifications and authorities.
  • Full load processing tools including load posting, quote gathering, load document creation, etc.
  • Effective activity reporting.
  • Open communication tools.
  • Excellent back-up plan for when you need additional capacity.
  • Pay-As-You-Go capabilities to manage all your freight needs - or just a portion of them.
  • And more...

Pricing: $795.00** per year. Load transactions set on a pay-as-you-go basis at $14.95 per transaction.
Deployment, Set-Up, Training: Quick, simple and easy. Included.
Cancellation: Cancel at anytime with 30-days notice.



  • Includes all BASIC and BASIC PLUS services.
  • Full use of the single-dashboard freight management tools.
  • Generation of timely and effective reports based on your own history.
  • Identification of strategic opportunities to target goals of:
    1. Increased truck capacity,
    2. Direct freight cost reduction,
    3. Improved service, and
    4. Streamlining of all work and paper flows involved in load transactions.
  • The tools and support to execute your strategies.
  • And more...

Pricing: Annual fee is waived. Rates are based on your estimated monthly transaction volumes at $14.95 per load and reduced by 20%. For example, 50 load transactions a month incur a monthly fee of $598.00. 30 transactions a month, $358.00. 100 transactions a month, $1,196.00.
Deployment, Set-Up, Training: Quick, simple and easy. Included.
Cancellation: Cancel at anytime with 30-days notice.

*You must be a transportation professional to be granted access.

Complete... Accurate... Accessible... Always.