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Training Services

Ranging from the simple to the more complex, we provide the training tools and services to reach your goals in moving your freight.

Please help yourself to our Video-Tutorials. If you still require assistance or have questions, contact our Support Team at (613) 403-3894 or via email at

Carrier Accounts

  1. Using The DOT for the First Time WATCH
  2. Accessing Shippers & Loads WATCH

Shipper Accounts

  1. Using The DOT for the First Time WATCH
  2. Connecting with Carriers WATCH
  3. Using The DOT Loadboard (Loadboard Plan is required) WATCH

Live Classroom Training Sessions

We provide live classroom training sessions that address the ins-and-outs of brokering freight. This in-depth single-day session runs the gambit from taking open loads through the “trucking cycle” to delivery, invoicing and completion.

You will learn some tricks of the trade, that:

  • Save you on your overall freight costs;
  • Maximize your ability to source the right truck for the right load;
  • Streamline work processes, ensure proper documentation is in-place, and take a proactive approach to avoid many common pitfalls and problems;
  • Reduce those ‘hidden liabilities’ by ensuring trucks you hire do not create unwanted exposures to you and your company;
  • Understand the end-to-end processes involved in reducing foreseeable problems and avoiding common pitfalls that disrupt your days.
Who this course is targeted for:

  • Shippers that want to control their own freight movement;
  • Brokers that want to increase their ability to book loads and keep their customers happy; and
  • Carriers that want to understand the broker process or are considering adding brokerage services.
In all cases, you will understand the brokering process – whether your objectives are to actually broker freight (your own or for others) or to be better able to work with brokerage professionals on a daily basis.

While this live classroom session makes use of a”simulated” version of The DOT Directory’s Full Service Plan, you are not required to use it. You will learn the process behind professional freight brokering regardless of what system or approach you select to use. You will also have the opportunity to interact with and share notes and experiences with other attendees.

Course Details: Click Here
Price: $795 plus applicable taxes

Training Locations & Schedule

All live classroom training sessions are held at fully-equipped facilities that include web-enabled computers, make use of The DOT Directory Simulator, and include training materials. Lunch and refreshments (coffee, tea, beverages, etc.) are included.

Halifax NS
2000 Barrington St, Ste 201
Halifax NS B3J 3K1
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Montreal QC
800 boul Rene-Levesque Ouest, Ste 990
Montreal QC H3B 1X9
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Ottawa ON
360 Albert Street, Ste 720
Ottawa ON K1R 7X7
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Toronto ON
30 Eglinton Ave West, Ste 301
Mississuaga ON L5R 3E7
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Winnipeg MB
201 Portage Ave, Ste 1903
Winnipeg MB R3B 3K6
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Calgary AB
815 8 Ave SW, Ste 300
Calgary AB T2P 3P2
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Edmonton AB
10060 Jasper Ave, Ste 810
Edmonton AB T5J 3R8
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

Vancouver BC
1155 West Pender St, Ste 650
Vancouver BC V62 2P4
Delivery Format: Classroom Live
Dates: TBD

A considerable amount of material will be covered in these single-day sessions, so classes will start promptly and your prompt arrival is appreciated.

Space is limited; they are offered on a first-come-first-served basis. Reservations are required. Call us at (613) 403-3894 or email us at to reserve your space today!

Locations and dates subject to change. Additional locations and dates may be added.
Refunds are limited to $500 for cancellations up to 10-days prior to scheduled session. No refunds for cancellations within 10-days of scheduled session.
Substitutions are allowed – notice of substitution requested as soon as possible.
Special dietary considerations must be provided to us within 2-business days of scheduled session in order to be accommodated.
Hotels and additional services are available. We recommend contacting Global Knowledge Training LLC for assistance.

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